National Team Tournaments in Football


During the year, there is usually at least one big tournament somewhere in the world. If it’s not the World Cup or the European Championship, it’s the Copa América, the African Championships or maybe even the Golden Cup. It is the highlight for many to be able to follow their nation in pursuit of the most coveted trophies. That’s why we thought of listing some fun soccer tournaments for the national teams that might be worth watching.

Nothing beats the Soccer World Cup

There is nothing bigger than the World Cup in the world of football. The championship where the world’s best nations gather is the most prestigious to win for a soccer player. In terms of interest and odds at good online betting sites , the World Cup is also by far the biggest. Brazil is the nation that has won the World Cup the most times with its five titles. Otherwise, Italy and Germany have the most gold with their four. Sweden has unfortunately never managed to win, but was in the final in 1958 and has won two bronze medals, the most recent of which occurred in 1994.

When it comes to the African Championships, the status has been raised as football has developed enormously in Africa over the last 20 years. The tournament is organized every two years in January. All matches are available to stream at betting companies, which you can read more about at, which has all the information you need about the various national team tournaments. Egypt has the most gold with seven, while Cameroon has five and Ghana four. The most recent winner of the championship is Senegal who won in 2021.

A tournament where interest has grown is clearly the CONCACAF Gold Cup. It is the national team tournament for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Mexico is the nation that has won the championship the most times with its eight titles. Second is the USA with its seven titles. The nations have also met in the final on several occasions. Some nations such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, South Korea, Ecuador, South Africa and Qatar have hosted the tournament. Brazil and Colombia have come second but it is actually only the USA and Mexico that have managed to win the tournament. Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras have also managed to reach the final but lost.

Arabian Gulf Cup and FIFA Arab Cup The Arabian Gulf Cup is a national team tournament that has been turbulent over the years. It was arranged for the first time in 1970 and will be arranged next time in 2023 in Iraq. But the FIFA Arab Cup is another option which was last staged in 2021 in Qatar. Then it is not only teams from the Gulf but also nations such as Egypt and Tunisia who also play in the African Championships. After the 2021 edition, it was clear that FIFA will continue to organize the tournament in the future.

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