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Online shopping is in full swing for many – and surely safe shopping online is convenient? But you have to be careful. The fact that e-commerce is growing strongly is something fraudsters take advantage of, and therefore it is unfortunately teeming with scam sites. In this article, we explain in simple steps how you can shop more securely online.

Review unknown websites

Something you can always do to make sure you haven’t landed on a scam page is to review the URL. You do this at the top of the window on your computer. If the company you intend to buy from is also unknown to you, it is good to look for reviews and possible comments about scam and scam before you start clicking things from there.

Check for safety markings

Something you can do if you feel unsure about a website is to check for any so-called security markings. Safe e-commerce and Certified e-commerce are two such.

Avoid public wireless networks

Many times, for example, cafes offer free Wi-Fi, and there and then it can feel practical to take the opportunity to shop for those birthday presents while you’re still on the go. Unfortunately, that’s a bad time to shop online because public networks can be insecure. In these situations, it is always better to use the mobile’s own data.

Do not follow links in emails or advertisements

Many times these scam sites are about misleading others. With the help of mailings or advertisements with very good offers, fraudsters can encourage and push people to click on links to web pages that are, in fact, just scams. If you are sitting at a computer, you can check the link by holding the mouse pointer over the link (without pressing) and looking at the bottom of the page to see which address the link points you to. If it does not match the product, then the page may be a fake page – and if you feel the least bit unsure, it is always better to type the address of the company’s website in your browser, instead of following a link in an email or SMS.

Pay securely

Many stores offer several different payment methods. When it comes to paying online, one of the safer ways is to pay later, either by invoice or by credit card. In this way, you are protected by the Consumer Credit Act, and if something were to go wrong, you can make the same demands against the company as against the lender.

Advantages of our Easy living credit card

If you shop online with Collector’s Easy-living credit card, several insurance policies apply that give you peace of mind:

Delivery insurance

Delivery insurance replaces damaged or missing goods in e-commerce within the EU.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty that gives you up to an extra year of security when buying white goods and home electronics.

Comprehensive insurance

The insurance applies to sudden and unforeseen damage (including loss) to home electronics and household appliances in your home or holiday home.

Event protection

A protection which means that you receive compensation for cancellation if you fall ill and cannot go to the concert, match or performance you bought a ticket for. You do not have to pay any excess.

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