First Round of the Finals Tournament


At the soccer world cup Qatar tournament, which is in group e of the first league, will play against powerhouse from 10:00 pm on the 1st (4:00 am on the 2nd time) to advance to the final tournament. Takehiro tomiyasu (arsenal) is back for the first time in two games in a backwater battle where if you win, you will break through, and if you lose, you will be eliminated. Although he missed the second match against costa rica due to discomfort in the back of his right thigh, he said, i hope we can play as if it was the first round of the final tournament.

Born in fukuoka prefecture, tomiyasu was promoted to the top team from j1 fukuoka’s junior organization. After playing for sint-truiden (belgium) and bologna (italy), he will play for the prestigious arsenal (england) of the english premier league from last season.

Yoshitaka fujisaki, who coached the team when he was a junior youth team in fukuoka, said with a laugh, it’s like a young soccer player has grown up. I think he looks a lot like shohei ohtani (of the us major league baseball angels).

He was a junior high school student who, despite his humble personality, naturally attracted people around him, and everyone wanted to cheer him on. He is the first to come to practice and the last to leave the field. Tomiyasu, who was picking up and dropping off his parents instead of a school bus where many players ride, said, i’m here early, so i’ll prepare and i have time, so i’ll clean it up.

He has a good physique and speed, and his kicks with both feet are accurate. His physical ability and soccer skills were all high-level all-around players. Looking back, fujisaki said, i had to get closer to becoming a player who can play for the japanese national team or overseas. I felt a sense of responsibility. In the future, he drew a blueprint for the center back of the japanese national team, and dared to appoint him as a volunteer, saying, it is necessary to secure a 360-degree field of vision.

When tomiyasu returned home in june, he taught junior high school students for three days. It is said that he enthusiastically said, i don’t want a player who will become me, but a player who surpasses me. His former teacher said, he told me what he thinks is important at arsenal now.

Following the previous tournament in russia, the match against spain is about to break through the first round. Japan’s defense keyman confronts the world’s best pass soccer.

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