Credit Card on Vacation

There are several advantages to using a credit card both before, during and after your vacation. This year, many holidays may be within borders, but even there, our Easy-living credit card offers a number of advantages we share some of them!

Take advantage of offers

It is often cheaper to book trips in time, than just before big holidays and school holidays. With our Easy-living credit card , you have up to 56 interest-free days on your purchases and do not have to pay any interest as long as you pay the entire invoice when it arrives. This means that you can take advantage of offers no matter what time of the month you would find them. When the bill arrives, you can choose to pay everything immediately or pay your bill in installments.

Extra buffer in the wallet

A credit card can provide security on the trip as you always have an extra buffer in your wallet for unexpected or mistimed expenses. With Easy-living, you can, for example, pay any deposit fees, extra hotel nights, rental car or tickets that you didn’t include in your travel budget from the start.

Clear financial overview

If you pay everything with Easy-living before and during your trip, you can quickly and easily get a clear financial overview. In our app Collector , you will find everything you might need to keep track of your card – your current card balance, your transactions and latest invoices. Here you can also block your card wherever you are.

Travel insurance and cancellation protection

When you book and pay with your Easy-living, supplementary travel insurance with cancellation protection is included. So you don’t have to pay for extra travel insurance. The insurance applies to the whole family, regardless of whether they are traveling with you or on their own. If you should become acutely ill or have an accident and have to cancel your trip, cancellation protection with deductible is included. The insurance also covers compensation if you are delayed at your destination or if your luggage is delayed. In addition, the insurance replaces the deductible if something were to happen to your home or car while you are away.

If the restrictions were to be eased on trips abroad and you use Easy-living outside borders, you will also receive a 0% currency surcharge. This is in contrast to many other credit cards which instead impose a currency exchange fee of 1-3% on your purchases abroad.

No deductible on rental cars

Are you planning to rent a car during the summer holidays? In that case, also pay for the rental car at 100% with Easy-living during the actual destination or at more than 50% in advance, and excess risk elimination is included. This means that the insurance replaces the paid excess (or the repair cost if it is lower than the excess), in case the vehicle is stolen or damaged. Insurance for the vehicle must be taken out in connection with the rental.

Bonus on various purchases

In addition to all the benefits, insurances and functions already included in the Easy-living card, you can also connect it to the bonus rewards app and receive personal offers, rewards and money back on your purchases – both online and in physical stores. As soon as you have linked your card, you will be able to see your offers in the app and they are constantly updated based on where you shop with your linked card. You can also connect the card and earn bonus Extra points when you shop in affiliated stores and restaurants. Your earned points can then be used to book hotels, buy flights or buy products in the bonus Shop and selected online stores.

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