HR technology is a term that refers to the use of cutting-edge technology for all operations related to human resources, or a general term for that technology. By introducing HR technology, it is possible to streamline personnel-related operations such as recruitment activities, human resource development, placement, attendance, salary, labor management, and evaluation, and productivity can be expected to improve.

HR technology includes AI (artificial intelligence), RPA (robotic process automation), and cloud. By utilizing these cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to automate tasks that were previously performed manually, reducing errors and shortening working hours. This frees up HR staff to spend more time on the work needed to grow the company.

Background of rapid expansion of HR technology

One of the reasons behind the rapid expansion of HR technology in recent years is the penetration of work style reform promoted by the Japanese government. Now that the number of workers is decreasing due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we must increase the retention rate of employees in order to solve the labor shortage. To that end, we will use HR technology to digitize and visualize the hiring, placement, transfers, and evaluations that HR personnel have performed based on their experience so far. By disclosing this information, it is necessary to carry out HR-related work based on a shared understanding and improve the working environment for employees.

In recent years, ESG, an important factor for the long-term growth of companies, has been attracting attention around the world. ESG is an acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance. With the need to disclose specific management resources of the company to investors, HR has grasped accurate data on human resources, funds, goods, information, intellectual property, etc., and is ready to disclose it at any time. must be Manually performing these tasks places a heavy burden on personnel personnel, so companies are required to make full use of HR technology to automate personnel operations and increase the efficiency and productivity of personnel.

Examples of results achieved with HR technology

HR Research Institute, which conducts research and surveys in the field of human resources, conducted a questionnaire survey on work style reform (HR technology) for personnel managers and personnel managers of companies. Here, we would like to introduce some of the specific results obtained by introducing HR technology.

Companies are constantly required to recruit and train diversifying human resources, and to increase employee retention rates, but the following are pressing issues.

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