Tips When Buying and Selling

Buying used things is good for both the environment and your personal finances. In this article, we advise you on how you can think smart when buying and selling used, both when it comes to what has a high resale value but also when in the year different things have the greatest demand.

Different things have different resale value

Of course, the value differs from product to product, just as it does when you buy something new. What often determines the resale value is how fresh and well-preserved a product is, how high the demand is and whether it is a well-known brand.


If you are going to sell used, it is good to try to think seasonally. As now that we are facing spring, small things like china, ceramics and garden tools can be popular but also most things in the motor segment. The bicycle trend of the past year has also made an impression on the second-hand market, which will probably be felt during the spring and summer.


For those of you who want to bring in an extra income fairly easily, it is among the electronics you have to clear and sell. Electronics almost always have a high resale value. If you have instead intended to buy used electronics, it may be good to know that the second-hand price is usually affected and becomes slightly lower when the big brands launch something new. Then there are many people who want to buy the latest and therefore sell their old ones. This means that the supply becomes larger and the prices go down.

Children’s stuff

Something else that has great resale value is children’s furniture and prams (especially jogging prams now for the summer). These are products that are often not used for such a long time, which makes it great to both be able to buy cheaper used alternatives, but also to be able to resell as your child grows. Therefore, try to take care of children’s toys as best you can so that they have a longer life and the possibility of being sold at a better price.

Security around payment

Pay extra attention to payment and delivery when you buy used things online. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters who can try to trick you out of money. However, the secondary market is becoming more and more secure when it comes to payment, especially if you shop with traditional players.