Get More Out of Your Flea Market

Does your association hold flea markets to make some money? In any case, it is a very good idea, because via flea markets you can make a lot of money. But many do not get the last kroner out of the visitors to the flea market. Here are a number of ideas for what you can do to increase the turnover a little at your flea markets. Take some or all of the ideas and watch your flea market profits grow.

In addition to just selling your flea effects, you can also set up a small stall where you sell water, beer, sausages, sandwiches and coffee (with cake). You don’t have to sell all kinds of things, but then there is a small selection. When people go around to flea markets, they can easily get tired, thirsty, etc. After a while. They either drive home or buy something to eat.

You have the opportunity to set up a whole little café in a corner where you hold your flea market. With small tables and chairs, people can also have a little rest before going out and shopping. In addition to what you earn at the café, you also get increased revenue for the rest of the flea market, as you can keep your visitors longer.

If you have many children who come to your flea market, make a small fishing pond where they can get a fishing rod and fish for a package. You can read much more about how you can make money from a fishpond here.

You can also go around and sell scratch cards. Here you have a fixed profit when you have sold all the lots. Scratchcards can be bought in special shops. Make sure you have a fixed place where people can go if they have won their raffle. But send some sellers of the lots around the area so they can sell a lot of lots. You can earn really good money for the association by selling scratch cards.

In addition, you can e.g. Make an auction of some of the best flea effects you have. Let the flea market run for 1-2 hours before you hold the auction. Then make sure to announce that there is an auction at that time. Feel free to display the effects so that your visitors can be tempted by the good products. Then there will hopefully be many people at the auction who will outbid each other. Via an auction, you can often raise the price you would normally get for an item, considerably. Instead of selling the beautiful painting for at one of the tables, it might be sold at the auction. Good luck with increasing your income from your flea market.