Sale Traps on Black Friday

It’s time again for the big sale day, black friday. A perfect day to be able to find things you really need, but also a day when the risk of impulse buying is greater. Read our tips on how to avoid some of the common sale traps ahead of this weekend.

Create a budget

Start by creating a budget or review the one you already have. In this way, you get a better overview of your finances, know how much money you have to deal with and can more easily de-prioritize unnecessary purchases.

Make a shopping list

It’s easy to get carried away during big sale days and buy things you neither need nor can afford. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance what you are going to buy. Make a shopping list and create monitoring of goods and stores based on it. Don’t forget that your list must be reasonable for your budget.

Compare prices over a longer period

Sale does not always mean the lowest price. A regular price at one company may be lower than the sale price at another. Check where all the products on your shopping list can be purchased and at the same time compare their prices using sites such as prisjakt . By keeping an eye on the pricing of interesting products for a while in advance, you can keep better track of whether a black friday offer or discount is actually good or not.

Don’t be fooled by red prices

When it’s teeming with offers, it’s easy to get blindsided and get carried away by all the big sale signs. But is the discount really a discount? Stores know that you, as a customer, love to compare prices and therefore often show how much you save if you buy a certain product. Unfortunately, however, the price used for the comparison may be higher than what the store usually sells the items for. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on the regular price, instead of staring blindly at the red prices.

Find out the terms and conditions

During sales, many stores have special exceptions and limited conditions when it comes to returns, both in terms of right of withdrawal and price guarantee. Before you buy something, you should therefore find out about the store’s terms and conditions to be sure that you actually get your money back if you regret it.

Pay attention

If you shop online and end up on a page with prices that are almost too good, you need to pay extra attention. If it seems too good to be true, it often is. Check the shop’s authenticity to avoid the risk of shopping at a scam shop. Also remember to always use a secure payment method. Our credit card has, among other things, delivery insurance for internet purchases and extended warranty for new purchases of home electronics and white goods.