Rent the Car with a Credit Card


A credit card often offers various benefits and insurances when you are abroad and need to rent a car – we explain which ones!

If you are thinking of going abroad and also want to rent a car in the meantime, it is good to read the conditions carefully. Namely, they can vary between different countries and different car rental companies. But make sure to always pay for the rental car with a credit card, so that you get the benefits and insurance included should something unforeseen happen. Especially since renting a car abroad can look a little different compared.

You don’t have to pay a high deductible

In many countries, the deductible is high when it comes to rental cars. A tip is therefore to book and pay for the rental car with a good credit card, unless you choose to buy full protection or supplementary travel insurance. With collector’s credit card, excess risk elimination is included when you rent a vehicle abroad.

You do not have to use your own budget for a deposit In many countries it is a standard requirement to pay for a rental car with a credit card. This is because it is then easy for the car rental company to reserve a deposit on the card. When you collect your rental car, it is common for the company to take a certain amount as a deposit for the time you intend to use the car, an amount that will only be deducted if you cannot pay. The amount of the deposit varies, but works like that the company blocks an amount on your credit card to make sure you have money to pay for any damage or theft, but also to settle the difference for fuel if you return the car with less fuel than it had when you retrieved it. If you pay for the rental car with a credit card, the deposit is therefore made on that card, instead of on a normal bank account with your own money that you intend to use during the holiday.

You can book the rental car well in advance

It is often cheaper to book in time, than just before or during major holidays and school holidays. With our credit card, you have up to 56 interest-free days on your purchases and do not have to pay any interest as long as you pay the entire invoice when it arrives. If you use credit card, you can book a rental car in good time and take advantage of any offers regardless of when in the month you would find them, and when the bill comes, you can choose to pay everything immediately or pay your bill in installments.

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