What do you do if you suddenly get an expense that you didn’t expect and that you can’t afford to pay either? Collector bank offers safe loan options that will help you if an accident happens to happen. When something suddenly happens that affects your personal finances, it is very rarely a lottery win. Rather, it’s the car that doesn’t pass the inspection, the cheek tooth that urgently needs a root canal, or the washing machine breaking down at the worst possible time.

Save up for a buffer – if you can

If you ask a financial adviser, you will probably get the recommendation that you should save up a buffer of two months’ salary to be on the safe side if the accident occurs. Especially if said accident is not covered by any of your insurance policies. But it’s easy to have hindsight when the bad luck has already happened. It is also easy to assume that everyone has the financial flexibility required to save for a buffer, which is far from the case.

One in five households is vulnerable to unexpected expenses

Statistics presented a survey in which they mapped the private finances of households. It turned out that every fifth household cannot handle a sudden expense. Although most people agree that it is good to have a buffer, the reality is demonstrably different. Emergency dental visits, car repairs, a visit to the vet and broken appliances are just a few examples of circumstances that can result in boring giant bills. These are also examples of expenses that, if not handled correctly, can topple the household coffers. So what are the possibilities for you if you lack a buffer and means of payment?

Choose a safe loan

Taking out a personal loan when a large expense comes unexpectedly can be a solution. But just because the expense comes quickly, you don’t have to make an equally hasty decision about your loan. Don’t settle for just any loan, and contact a lender you can trust.

Depending on the type of expenditure you have, there are various loans and advice that may be relevant, and which we at collector bank can help you with. By reviewing your finances, we can create a simple and clear installment plan that is adapted to your circumstances. For example, with smaller installments over a longer period of time, so that you regain control over your expenses and that no payment comes as a surprise. If you apply directly through us, you also get a 0.5 percent discount on your interest rate.

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