First started in hairdressing training and after a few months as an apprentice, she ended up on crutches due to problems with her knees, pain from standing for long days as a hairdresser. As a result, she had to end her studies and find something else to work on. She simply had to retrain. Fortunately, this happened early so that she still had the opportunity to take a new education at a young age.

It suited her very well that the tone skin care education was partly online and with attendance on some days when she had to commute. She was very interested in the subject and had motivation to learn more about the theoretical basis. Then the online portal was perfect, which was easy to use and clear.

During her education, ended up in a group with others in the class who were just as interested in the subject as her. It is clear that there are different levels of fellow students, but it is rewarding when you get a partner who is as excited as i am! It is a tough period with exams in skin care, but again, the subject is exciting and if you have enough interest, understanding and logic, the exam will go very well.

Interest in make-up

I’ve always had an interest in skin care, but at bottom i have an interest in make-up, and i love it! But in order to put on nice make-up you have to have nice and healthy skin, a good base, together this becomes an extremely exciting subject. She says it’s good to do something good for other people, as a skin care professional you can help people and give. Would you like to take a shorter course in wellness and beauty? The beauty and health academy offers on my site please visit our website: many different, individual themed courses several times a year.

With us, you can take several different courses, depending on your wishes and needs. Increase your expertise in nails, lashes and brows, make-up, foot care or hair removal.


Choose between courses in acrylic, gel, Polygel, gel varnish, Russian manicure and e-file.

Foot care

Foot care is about cosmetic care of healthy feet and well-being. You will learn to remove hard skin, shape toenails and spa treatment that includes massage and gel polish.

Lashes and brows

Choose from different courses: lash lift + brow lamination, classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions.

Hair removal

On our hair removal courses, you learn body and facial hair removal.

Makeup for you over 50

We now offer make-up courses for you over 50 who may be a little stuck in your make-up routine. Do you want to learn tips and tricks, and which products you need to use to get a beautiful result? Then we have the answers! Most of our courses contain a product package, which is used during the course and gives you everything you need to continue working and get skills training after the course.