Today there is a huge range of opportunities when it comes to digital marketing, but not all channels are suitable for all companies and industries. The channels we work with the most are facebook, linkedin, instagram and google, but can of course also help with other digital channels. Contact our digital agency if you feel you need help or advice regarding your digital marketing.

Search engine optimization

Regarding search engine optimization, we primarily work with making websites appear high in the search results on google but also on other search engines such as bing and duckduckgo. Search engine optimization, or seo as it is also called, means that the code, structure, security, speed, links and content of your website are optimized to get the best possible visibility on relevant keywords.


Currently, google is the most important medium for buyers to gather information about products and services. Your position and visibility on google is therefore important when a potential customer searches for your products and services. As certified in the google partner program, we regularly participate in meetings and webinars regarding the latest trends regarding advertising on google’s various advertising platforms.

Email marketing

Email marketing provides high response and a strong relationship with your customers at the lowest cost. With our email marketing tool, your customer relations are easily and effectively managed by email. Create sales emails and newsletters with your own profile enhanced by images and links. The basis is a customer register with crm functions that automatically manage mailings, notifications, unsubscribes and replies and notify responses from interested recipients for further processing in sales and marketing.


The possibility of targeting ads on facebook is almost endless. In addition to the usual criteria such as age, gender, interests and place of residence, you can control the ad according to the people’s relationship and family status as well as the age of any children. Based on what your target group looks like and your purpose for advertising, we post and optimize your ads on facebook.


Microsoft ads is a good complement to advertising on google because you reach users of the two search engines bing and duckduckgo via microsoft ads. Compared to google, your ads reach fewer people, but you reach them at a lower cost per click as the competition among advertisers is significantly less.


Linkedin is a social network aimed at people and companies who want to create and maintain contacts, gain and convey knowledge and strengthen their brand. The company was founded in 2002 in california and since 2016 is owned by microsoft. Having a good presence and visibility on linkedin is important both for the personal brand and for your company. We can help with everything from content and advertising to advice and training.