Regardless of whether you have bought a new or used car, it is inevitable that it will decrease in value over time. However, there are various tricks on how you can take care of the car to maintain the best resale value – we share a few!

A well-maintained car looks nicer, is more pleasant to drive and can also have a significantly higher resale value compared to a poorly maintained one. If you take care of your car, you also have the opportunity to discover small flaws before they create bigger problems.

Regular car wash

Maybe you avoid washing the car to save money, but the fact is that many times it can mean the opposite. Cars are constantly exposed to stress and if they are not washed at regular intervals, they run the risk of getting permanent stains and thus falling in second-hand value. In the winter, for example, salt can seep into various places and increase the risk of rust, and in the summer the sun’s strong uv rays can damage the paintwork. Rust spots in particular are such a thing that draws the eye, it almost doesn’t matter how nice your car is in general. According to a survey by the car auction site, rust is one of the most common reasons why car buyers choose not to buy a car. Preventing and fixing rust damage can therefore pay off!

Wash the outside

To begin with, you should avoid automatic car washes with rotating brushes. They are very comfortable to use and the car gets clean, but unfortunately they can scratch the paint due to grit and dirt deposits stuck in the brushes. What is recommended instead is to wash the car yourself at a car wash center. Use bucket, sponge and a grid at the bottom of the bucket that prevents sand and gravel from sticking to the sponge. Remember to use a car shampoo that is recommended for your car, as detergents such as cleaners can make the paint dull.

Wash the inside

Many people have sensitive senses of smell that influence various choices we make. Car speculators often go by feel and many times precisely things like smell and appearance can often come before function. It is instead appearance or smell, which neither feels nor looks pleasant. But it’s a simple thing to avoid by vacuuming and wiping with a cloth. Take care to clean the inside in the same way as the outside gets a refresh.

A proper cleaning can recreate the new car feeling, which in turn can increase the life and value of the car. If your car is really dirty, it may therefore be worthwhile to have it reconditioned at a workshop – a thorough cleaning and cleaning of the car. Most overhaul packages include both an exterior and interior review, but check what applies at your particular workshop.

Protect your seats

Worn car seats are actually something that makes car speculators quickly lose interest – so fix the upholstery or buy nice used furniture to replace the worn one. If you have small children who tend to kick wildly with their feet, there are practical and smaller protections to hang over the seat, alternatively you can dress all the seats in a nice cover. If you also have a furry passenger, remember to protect the car from dirt, odors and dog hair. For this, there are special blankets that can easily be attached under your dog’s safety harness so that he or she can sit both in the front seat and the back seat – safe for your dog and for your seats. If you use a transport cage instead, it will suffice as protection for the seat.

Upgrade the car

It can be difficult to determine which type of investment increases the chances of a higher resale value. Start by looking at what most new cars have and try to listen for what consumers want. Upgrading the car with new safety technology such as cruise control, blind spot assist and reversing camera is usually appreciated. Technology that quickly becomes outdated, such as built-in gps and some audio technology, but also special rims or special tires are investments that are not guaranteed to get you back because not all buyers are interested in it.

Perform service

Last but not least – perform service according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or when the service indicator lights up in the car. At the car service, you get the chance to fix minor faults and can be sure that the car is safe to drive on the roads.

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