Are you a student and worried about how you will make ends meet at the end of the month? In this article, you can take part in our best tips for squeezing the most out of your student funds.

Make a budget

The first thing you need to do is get a handle on the current situation, which you get by writing down all your fixed expenses. Decide how much money can be spent on food and then see what is left over for everything else. Remember to budget for a savings in case something unexpected happens. If you don’t know what your expenses are, you should keep a cash book for a month. Are you going plus or minus? Is there anything you can cut back on? Read more about how to create and stick to a budget here.

Share housing

Housing costs are usually one of the biggest expenses, but you can reduce that cost by sharing your home with others. Maybe you can also get housing allowance?

Eat cheaper food

Food is another heavy expenditure item where there is often money to be saved. We divide the savings tips into three!

_Plan your food and wholesale based on it.

_Compare prices at as many grocery stores as you can to find the cheapest grocery bag.

_Make lunch boxes, freeze and bring lunch instead of eating out.

Borrow or buy used

Do not buy new course literature! Try to get hold of used books, borrow from the library or join a classmate and share the books you need. When you have finished a book, it is wise to sell it on to someone else – both to save money, but also from an environmental point of view. This thing about reuse also applies to other things, such as, for example, clothes and furniture.

Compare prices

As a student, you often get a lower price on everything from travel to coffee in cafes. Many times the offers are not clearly marked, so don’t forget to ask before shopping. You can also save a lot of money by comparing prices, this applies to everything from electricity contracts to insurance, but also for larger investments.

Review your subscriptions

Do you have an overview of all your subscriptions where the cost is deducted automatically every month? If not – check this out! Which ones are worth continuing to pay for? Remove all that do not feel very important and use the money for other things.


Do you spend money on gas or bus tickets when you might as well ride a bike? Cycling is by far the cheapest means of transport and you also get exercise in the bargain!

Search for scholarships

There are tons of scholarships you can apply for. you will find many tips that are worth searching for, as there are often relatively few people who search for these.

Work extra

If you have time to spare, it’s a good idea to work extra during your studies to stretch the cash register, but make sure to keep track of how much you can work before the student aid levels are affected. The size of the free amount is different depending on the rate at which you study.

The credit card that provides extra buffer in the wallet!

As a student, do you want an extra buffer in your wallet? Then we recommend our credit card with benefits such as travel insurance and cancellation protection. If you also connect it to the Rewards app , you can get personalized offers, rewards and cash back on your purchases. When you have used the discount or the bonus, you will receive money back within a few days on the account to which the card is linked.

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