The business plan is undoubtedly the most important document for the entrepreneur at an early stage. Potential investors probably won’t think about investing in a new company while the business plan has not been completed.

Development and preparation of a business plan can involve various obstacles and requires a strong commitment from the entrepreneur actually completed and then put into practice so that these objectives are achieved by reducing risks and uncertainties, identifying and restricting your mistakes on paper, in instead of engaging in the market.

It is and in the virtual environment that has been one of the largest areas of growth for entrepreneurship, with the use of high technology and easy access to many people realized that it opens up a range of opportunities to have a profitable and low-cost business. Cost, which is the greatest advantage of structuring an e-commerce or online stores where the cost to set up is low, unlike a real store.

With this, the businessman has the convenience of analyzing important aspects, such as who his target audience is and the acceptability of the product offered, it is relevant for the virtual store with detailed information, because since providers do not have this information, they will help the consumer at the moment. Decision for the product.


We note that in recent years the information technology market has gained considerably in the space sector. From there, the need was seen to verify how this important tool collaborates directly and indirectly in relation to the opening of an organization.

General Objective

Show how information technology together with the business plan influences and contributes to the creation of a company.

Specific objective

Understand the factors that have made information technology a partner to entrepreneurs and examine the many opportunities involving business relationships in this sector.

Outline of a Business Plan

The sets out the scope and value of the business plan and outlines the preparation steps, which is key to starting a new business as it will serve as a guide to the necessary capital and financing. Before starting the business plan, the entrepreneur will need market information, production operations, and financial forecasts.

First, from the entrepreneur’s perspective, you understand the creativity and technology involved in the new venture better than anyone. The employer must be able to clearly explain what is involved.

Second, the marketing perspective. Too often, entrepreneurs will consider only the product or technology and not whether anyone is going to buy from them. Entrepreneurs should try to see their business through the eyes of the customer.

Third, the entrepreneur must show his business through the eyes of the investor. Good financial projections are necessary; If the employer does not have the knowledge to prepare this information, external sources may be helpful. The depth and details of the business plan depend on the size and scope of the new venture.

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