The Internet and every site is based on work done by thousands of people over tens of years. As a beginner in web design, you have a lot to thank everyone for making the basics as simple as they are today.

How much do you need to know?

How much you need to know when you start making your site depends entirely on the type of site it is and how much help you can get from others. If you want to build an advanced online service that has never existed online before, it obviously requires significantly more knowledge than if you want to make a static site where only a little text is written.


In order to be able to show the site online, it is required that you have access to a computer that can send out the site’s pages to the visitors who ask for it. This is what is called hosting and takes place on a computer that is usually called a server. Hosting can take place on many different levels that require different levels of expertise. If you want, you can install software on your own computer with an internet connection and host the site yourself. Another option is to rent the server but manage the administration yourself. A third option is to hire a web host where you get access to a server that someone else manages and can simply post your site there. Last but easiest is to use a ready-made system where the supplier takes care of both the platform and the server operation.


If you want to make your site from scratch, a lot of coding knowledge is required. To check how the website looks, you need to be able to code HTML and CSS. If you also want to make it interactive, you also need to know JavaScript or a scripting language such as PHP or Ruby.


Fortunately, today there are much easier ways to make a website. With the help of a cms such as wordpress or the aforementioned site direct, you do not need to have any direct knowledge of coding to be able to make changes to the site. Instead, you can edit the site with a so-called wysiwyg editor. Wysiwyg means what you see is what you get thus means that you can see directly on the screen what the content changes will look like. What is large text and what is small, how will the image be in relation to the content and the like are questions that very instinctively get answers with the technology. The whole thing means that anyone can make changes to the site as long as they can use programs such as word and power point.

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