The lowdown on European transport

Europe is a very well-connected continent. Depending on your holiday choice, you will need to choose one of three ways to travel it. Which best fits your budget, timeline, and holiday needs? Here are the basics on transportation in Europe.

Flying High

Well, this is perhaps the quickest way for you to get to your destination, but with that said, you might also be emptying out your pockets just a quick. Of course, buses and trains are going to be cheaper (usually), but when you’re low on time, what is more important? Getting there within a couple of hours and spending a few extra bucks or wasting an entire day or more trying to navigate the bus and train system? Depending on your destination, a plane just might be the way to go. Don’t go applying for eight credit cards to cover the costs yet though, thankfully, nowadays, budget airlines are popping up and you just might pay less for a plane ticket than you would a train ticket. Yes, you read correctly, a plane just might be cheaper. So, it doesn’t hurt to check the prices of Ryan air, Easy Jet, Air Berlin, just to name few of the lower cost airlines. Booking ahead could save you a few bucks and playing at casinoroo online casino can also give you some good money to enjoy the trip.


This might be the slowest, but again, depending on where you’re going, it might be totally worth it to travel by boat. Don’t get discouraged by the amount of time it would take you though. Think of it this way- You’re getting to your destination in the most absolutely beautiful and most scenic way possible. Are you traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest? Well the Rhine and Danube Rivers will surely get you there, so who needs a plane anyway? That particular route takes around two weeks with plenty of stops in between for you to get some of the best travel photos of a lifetime.

If your time is shorter, maybe a river holiday from Nuremberg to Budapest will serve you well at just over a week. If you read this post, you can find more epic waterway travel ideas for your European getaway with a trusted company like Emerald Waterways. Traveling by a river cruise is becoming more and more popular especially in Europe. With the majestic scenery that’s offered along these river coasts, it’s not really hard to see why. This might also be a great option for those people who are poor travel planners, no worries about that, just book it and enjoy. No need to find hotels, navigate public transport or anything else.

Speedy Rails

The railways in Europe are perhaps some of the best on Earth. Fast, safe, efficient. Everything you want in a mode of transportation. If water travel just isn’t your thing, and the plane prices are just astronomical, then try your luck with any of the trains or high-speed railways. Even if you’re coming from England, you can get to mainland Europe, either France or Belgium, very easily. The best newzealand online casino is here for you if you love playing casino games online.

If you are not someone who is from Europe (or a select few other countries) you are offered the option of buying a Eurail Pass. This could be your ticket (literally) to getting around the continent in the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient way. It covers 18 countries and is a great option for those wanting to traverse the continent without having to buy ticket after ticket after ticket, probably totalling more than the Eurail pass would be anyway.