The Football Player Experienced a Complete Nightmare


The incredible qualifying victory of the team that advanced to the World Cup came up again Tunisia’s qualifying victory was a personal tragedy for one player. The qualifiers for Tunisia, who are playing in Group D at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, have resurfaced on social media, several months after the games.

The reason is the special way Tunisia finally progressed to the World Cup.

In Finland, the events of the 1997 World Cup qualifiers have been remembered, when the scored against Hungary in extra time in their own goal and Finland fell out of the further qualifiers.

It looks terrible and oh my god, oh my god, let the narrator Antero Mertaranta say when Finland’s dream was crushed.

When Tunisia advanced to the World Cup in the spring, Mali with a population of just over 20 million got its own somewhat similar experience.

Mali and Tunisia advanced from the group stage of the African World Cup qualifiers as winners to the third round, where 10 group winners fought for the five places in the World Cup.

Mali and Tunisia were drawn as a pair, and Tunisia advanced to Qatar with the combined result of the two matches 1–0.

In the end, the match was decided by the goal seen in the first period of the first leg, which unfortunately was scored by Mali’s own player, defender Moussa Sissako .

A complete disaster for Mali, the English commentator of the match said.

Sissako’s nightmare was complete, because four minutes after his own goal, he received a straight red card, when the referee interpreted that the man had taken away the scoring opportunity from the opponent who got through with his foul.

The good news for the athlete is that, after 2013, sponsorship cooperation increased again. Ice hockey is the sponsors’ favorite sport. In 2014, this favorite was sponsored with a whopping 45 million euros. In total, sports collected sponsorship income of 128 million, i.e. 45 million was a third of this total amount, which sports collected through sponsorship cooperation.

Sportsman’s pension
If an athlete achieves a gold medal in the Olympic Games, he can receive an additional athlete’s pension granted by the state at the end of his sports career. This is a great recognition for a distinguished athlete.

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