Software for Psychologists


The software for psychologists that allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your clinic: professional schedules, patient appointments, medical records, and much more. Our program also has an important advantage: it is an online program. This means that you do not need to install anything on your computer, you can simply use by accessing with your passwords from any computer connected to the network. This includes computers, mobiles and tablets.

Due to its ease of use, its flexibility and its security, the most widely used software tools in psychology. The program uses the latest technology available on the market and has been developed in close collaboration with experts from all medical specialties. If you are just starting out or have a limited budget, you can use our free psychology medical history software. With our free demo you will be able to manage the data of many patients and upgrade to a higher plan when you need it.

You can try our free demo without obligation for 15 days and discover all the features of our program. How to make a psychological clinical record if you have questions about how to make a psychological clinical record, you have a wide variety of options available, intuitive and easy to create and fill out.

With our software for clinical psychologists you will be able to keep a complete computerized and based record of all the patients in your psychological clinic. Forget about paper forever and switch to the electronic medical record. In addition, you will be able to access a large number of services such as appointment management, calendar, accounting, marketing… And everything you need to make the management of your clinic as efficient as possible.

Our psychological clinical management software has the following functionalities: agendas for psychologist appointments: each clinic professional can have their own agenda. The head of the clinic will have control over all of them and will be able to see the appointments scheduled by each of the professionals. Psychologist appointment management: with it is very easy to create, modify and delete appointments. Give your patients the possibility to book an appointment online and send reminders by email or sms.

Patient files the history of each patient is stored securely. To access it, it is enough to have a device with an internet connection. Note board improve communication with the team with a note board where you can make personal or shared notes. Other options has a large number of modules that cover the main aspects of managing a clinic, such as accounting or marketing. Thanks to you will quickly manage all the processes of your clinic, saving time and money.

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