Many companies have taken the first digital step by acquiring enterprise resource planning systems and customer management systems. Even few active sales organizations have taken a significant step into digital marketing. Some companies carry out individual measures such as search engine optimization, google ad-words advertising or individual Facebook campaigns.

However, digital marketing as part of active sales is much more.

At its best, digital marketing is integrated with active sales and it makes the shopping experience completely new. It brings a new, hot customer into the sales pipeline, it improves the number of appointments for customer visits, warms up the customers and increases the deal closing percentage. In addition, a well-executed digital sales process and company branding enable a higher price for the service or product.

Digital marketing is multi-channel marketing. By combining different channels and building a precise measurement, you can achieve incredible results. If implemented correctly, each section can be better optimized and the customer’s purchase path can be measured from the moment he sees the first ad.

In digital marketing, it is not enough to do Facebook and google ad-words advertising and search engine optimization separately. In order to really achieve results, the channels must be combined into one sales pipeline and the visitor’s entire path must be measured. Each channel resembles a single magazine ad or Facebook post if we can’t combine the measurability of these channels! At its best, digital marketing combines all the different channels in a measurable way and all the money spent on marketing can be allocated to the right place.

Each channel supports the other, increasing each other’s results and efficiency. The power of digital marketing is based on being able to measurably take the customer through all four stages of the purchase process, as well as being able to keep the customer under our control from the first viewing of the ad until the purchase decision.

First, you need to understand the tasks of marketing in the different stages of the buying process. Demand generation. Let’s tell the customer that he has a need and make the brand known. We help the customer in the right direction and enter our own concept as an operating model. We offer a direct solution and urge you to act let’s make shopping easy.

Secondly, you need to understand the possibilities and characteristics of different channels in different tasks of marketing. Different digital marketing channels have different characteristics and thus each has its own role in digital marketing.