You’ve probably heard it before recycling is the way forward for you who want to be climate conscious. And in fact, it can also be an advantage when the wallet doesn’t stretch that far. But how do you update your wardrobe with recycling.

Here are three suggestions on how you can get started with your recycling hunt – without ending up in your grandfather’s discarded shirts.

The thrift stores

You can start your recycling hunt by searching for recycling shops in your local area. Find out if your new favorite kreiler might be your neighbor? That way you can also explore your (perhaps new) neighbourhood. Thrift stores come in many guises. You can start with the shops that come from voluntary charities: red cross , blue cross , church corps , danmission etc. The common denominator for them is that they have pretty much everything – from furniture to clothes – and then the money goes to a good cause.

There are also a sea of other small recycling and secondhand shops. In some of the stores, they buy the clothes themselves or redesign them. They usually focus more on fashion than the stores that get the clothes donated. Therefore, the price can also be slightly higher than in the voluntarily run stores.

A relatively new type of recycling business is the so-called flea supermarkets. It is an entire store where you, as a private person, can rent a stand for a period of time. Once you have set the price of your items yourself, the store will sell the items for you. The two most dominant. The store format is very popular, and the number of stores with the same concept under different names is currently popping up all over.

Flea markets

Summer equals flea market season. They can be found everywhere – from small, private street/farm/street markets to huge flea markets. And they are indeed worth exploring all of them! You may be lucky that there is a flea market every saturday or sunday in your town! And if you think there is a lack of a flea market in your area, you can get together with your study group, friends or neighbors and create your own. Flea markets are usually free or cost, and it can therefore also be a pleasant sunday activity with your friends. There are often coffee stalls, and then you can celebrate the day’s recycling gold over a cup of coffee.


If you’d rather sit at home on the sofa and shop, there are also options for recycling shopping on the phone. There are actually a lot of apps, and new ones are being added all the time!

Trendsales and tise are some of the leading apps for buying and selling used clothes, shoes, interiors etc. Here you can search for specific brands or just surf around. Reshopper is the children’s family’s answer to a recycling app. Clothes for the whole family, children’s equipment, toys and much more are sold here. You can of course also use it, even if you don’t have a husband, wife and children! The three apps have a freight partnership, which makes it both easier and safer to shop through their apps – both for you who buy and you who sell.

Facebook has also made its bid for a platform for buying and selling used things: facebook marketplace. A great many different things are sold on facebook marketplace. However, they do not have any cooperation with some shipping companies, and therefore you should be extra careful if you buy something that needs to be sent.

Probably oldest and largest platforms for online recycling shopping. Today, everything between heaven and earth is sold, and it is therefore a really good place to look if you are looking for something specific or larger things, for example furniture. They are both available as a website and app. Recycle shopping doesn’t just have to be for the wardrobe. It is also a good way to save money on furniture, dishes and much more when money is tight.