It gives the impression that the e-services are separate from the rest of the business. Everything should instead be called services. As long as we continue to talk about e-services, we have not understood that it is about shifting the entire welfare to digital channels. It shouldn’t be about turning forms into PDFs – it’s much bigger than that. In addition, digitization needs to be moved from the it department to the workplace. In the municipality for example, they have cracked the code there.

The developers went out and had coffee together with the businesses. Saw where new systems were needed. And then they developed the systems together with the employees. And then another, important thing to be able to develop. They also created a culture where it’s okay to make mistakes. The funding also needs to be moved, he believes. From administrations and workplaces up to the central municipality or region.

Today, many administrations need to finance their digitization themselves, from the operations budget. But then they will fall behind. Because the benefits of introducing a new system are delayed, and only become apparent after a few years. And the businesses must have a balanced budget every year. Need to cooperate another important thing is that municipalities and regions must start working together. Recover from the pilot project disease. Municipalities and regions want to do pilot project after pilot project.

Take, for example, sensors for fall accidents in healthcare. It has been proven in municipality after municipality that it is beneficial. But still, each municipality makes a new pilot. We need to work together he thinks that municipalities and regions need to get much better at collaborating, becoming transparent and learning from each other. And start introducing systems widely, instead of municipalities and regions having to do it one by one. After all, we are one large group in the public sector, and we need to work together.

Digital systems are introduced to make work easier and save time. In many cases they contribute to just that, but not always. Does digital in your everyday work create stress and irritation instead of being a support. You get to participate and influence your digital work environment. The digital round is a work tool for municipalities, regions and municipal companies that want a better digital work environment. Where everyone can participate and make an impact.