Inventory Management in Businesses



Do you want to simplify inventory management in your business or warehouse? This program will help you achieve this in a simple and hassle-free manner. You will be able to assign your products a name, description, product code and bar-code, and order them by categories and subcategories. It will also be possible to attach various features such as status, sale prices and an unlimited number of photos.

In the item list you can filter your products by attributes, or use the search bar to search for specific features. Among other things, you will also be able to export the created lists as PDF, in CSV format or simply print them.

Manage inventories

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to adjust the amount of product available in your warehouse. To register the entry of articles, it is enough to raise an order that includes the supplier and quantity of the product. The new quantity of each product and its position in the warehouse will be updated automatically. You also have the option to make changes, add or remove products manually if you wish. All movements in your inventories will be recorded in the warehouse log to maintain optimal control. You can also assign different characteristics to your orders, such as internal and external numbers, status, supplier, payment status, as well as payment method, to name a few.

Catalog of clients and suppliers

The program is easy to add and manage providers. You can create a supplier profile that, in addition to the basic information, includes, for example, your tax identification code, contact information, photos, notes and other details. The program allows you to assign your vendors to different groups and add statuses to them. Everything mentioned above can also be applied to customer catalogs.

Easy to check inventories

In the warehouse analysis, you can consult the quantity of different products, their position in the warehouse, their purchase price and their sale price. In turn, thanks to the explorer-shaped system, products can be ordered by the warehouse in which they are found. As in other functions of the program, here too you can easily modify or delete elements, change numbers, prices or positions in the warehouse.

Order management

In the program there is a special function to manage your orders. In this you can create or modify orders and add different characteristics such as supplier or customer data, account, order confirmation and articles among many others. You can also attach files such as purchase orders or lists with offers. Each order is assigned a status, either one of our predefined statuses or one defined by you. This tool also has the function of creating invoices for your orders.

Personalized documents

You’ll appreciate how easy our program makes it for you to create your own custom shipping orders and invoices. You will not only be able to insert your company logo and header, but also flexibly define the format of columns and spaces between lines. To make it more convenient for you, the program also includes predefined forms ready to be filled out. An attractive feature for international businesses is the facility to adjust different tax rates corresponding to the country of the order. Regarding the numbering, the program assigns consecutive numbers to your invoices and other documents, but these can also be assigned manually.

Detailed inventory analysis

Using the different display variants of the program, you will be able to see the contents of your warehouse according to the status or to the different categories of products. It is also possible to view inputs and outputs of products in their inventories. All this information can be displayed graphically in the desired period of time.

No fear of losing your information

To ensure that your information is not accidentally lost, we have included a feature to auto-save your information to pre-defined spaces. Of course any of the documents can be saved in PDF or printed format.

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