Fundamentals of Administration


If you run a company you need to know what are the fundamentals of administration and the importance they have for the development and growth of the company. So let’s explain them one by one. The first thing you need to know is what administration is all about. It is a social science in charge of managing, directing and controlling the resources of a company to obtain the maximum benefit from them.

When we refer to resources, we are not only talking about the economic aspect, but also the human one as a capital of the organization and as an important aspect for the evolution and advances at the business level. The administration is applicable to companies, institutions and even in daily life. For this, it is necessary to establish norms that allow the management of resources in order to achieve specific objectives.

All social sciences are governed by rules, and administration is no exception. At present, the administrative process is an essential activity for companies. The foundations of this social science are those that allow evaluating and making decisions for the proper functioning of a company. The administrative foundations can be defined as the rules that allow establishing a business development plan, putting it into operation and determining whether or not the results obtained were as expected.

To achieve good administrative management, it is necessary to abide by four fundamentals. It is also called the planning process, and basically it is about carrying out an analysis of the company. This allows you to set goals and strategies to achieve them. In other words, planning provides a real vision of the company, where we want to take it and what we will do to achieve it.

It is the second stage of the administrative process and refers to the methods that are put into practice to direct and order the business structure. The organizational phase is nothing more than bringing to reality those strategies that were drawn up during planning. In addition, in this process, responsibilities are distributed and organized among the members of the work team. The purpose is to establish and recognize the necessary relationships and links within the company.

In management fundamentals , execution is the third phase. Here it is guaranteed that each team member performs their tasks. But it is not only about fulfilling the obligations, but about doing it with proactivity and commitment. During the execution of the administrative process it is relevant to have the skills to direct and manage. The reason is that, to a large extent, the achievement of objectives and, therefore, business growth depends on this.

Once the steps to follow have been completed, it is time to control and evaluate each of the phases established in the entire process. This moment is important, because the results will begin to be noticed and you will be able to determine if the strategies and decision-making have been successful or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to take corrective measures that will finally lead to the achievement of the objectives set forth during planning.

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