Financial Support for Athletes


An athlete’s financial support is not a given. We discuss the different ways in which you can get support for your career.

Financial support at the beginning of your career

When an athlete is starting his career, he usually has to pay for everything he needs himself. For some athletes, the athlete’s family or other parties help him in the early stages of his career, but many athletes are still quite alone in the early stages of their careers.

Because of this, in the case of many sports at, we are already talking about the fact that many talented young people go unnoticed and fall off the board precisely because of financial reasons. The background of many particularly successful athletes is a wealthy family that has supported the athlete even when he was young.

As the career progresses, the athlete’s financial support increases

When the career starts and progresses, the Sports Association may pay part of the costs incurred by the athlete due to training. The national team groups receive financial support from the sports association for their camp expenses. Dozens of top athletes receive support from the Olympic Committee. If the athlete is considered to have the conditions to achieve international success, he has the opportunity to receive financial support from the Ministry of Education.

This support comes from betting winning slots and is distributed as athlete grants. However, the maximum amount of the grant is 20,000 euros, although the training costs can be significantly higher than this.

How do you manage to combine sports and high school studies?

There are more than 10 sports high schools in Finland that specialize in offering high school studies to young athletes who aim for the top of their field through sports coaching. It is also possible to complete conscript service in Finland at the Sports School of the Defense Forces. In this case, the athlete’s systematic training is not interrupted when he enters the gray ranks of the army.

Financial support from sponsor cooperation

One possibility is to get a sponsor for yourself or your team, with whom you can cooperate for the benefit of both. For a cooperative company, supporting an athlete or a team is part of marketing. For example, on the shirt of a popular and successful player, the company’s logo or advertisement gets plenty of visibility. At the same time, giving this visibility brings money to the athlete. In 2010-2013, however, sports were sponsored less in our country than before.

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