The strip mall is a type of shopping center that, culturally, is strongly linked to the suburbs, characterized by having a simple design and easy to navigate for its visitors. The construction and the latest trends of strip malls have positioned them very well among the best shopping center designs.

The construction and design of strip malls has evolved

At the time of building shopping centers, architects had always had an easily understood guide and factors that were decisive in achieving the success of commercial premises: location, accessibility, infrastructure and parking, accompanied, thus, by an endless number of brands. That they bring to life and attract the attention of new customers.

Today, this practical guide is no longer enough, since consumers are not carried away by what they already know, but want new experiences or, failing that, the immediacy and convenience that online stores represent.

In view of this arduous competition, the latest trends in the construction and design of strip malls have adapted to the new demands of consumers and are aimed at generating sensory experiences through decorative and technological elements, as well as a correct distribution of products and the furniture in the spaces, visually attractive marketing strategies and the diversification of the stores and services that make life within the shopping center.

Latest trends that will dominate the strip malls market

Although what makes a shopping center called a strip mall is its construction and design, this has not been an impediment for architects to make our techniques more flexible and give the latest trends that are standing out a chance.

With that said, let’s go over some of the latest hot trends for strip malls in the following paragraphs.

Expansion of common areas

The correct thing is that the design of a strip mall is open, so there cannot be closed common areas. However, in the construction the spaces are being implemented to invest in restaurants, acoustic shells and platforms for events.

Botanical exhibits

Landscaping is an investment that attracts the attention of new customers, especially today, where ecological and sustainable is one of the most popular trends among consumers. It is not necessary to change the construction in pavement and concrete, the contrast of this with well-planned vegetation, lighting and water sources is visually attractive.

Selling experiences

This trend incorporates more than stores and is closely related to everything in one place. The design and construction of the new strip malls is intended to offer customers lifestyle centers such as cinemas, parks, art exhibitions, gyms and more. Even the latest trends are including from residences to clinical offices.

Now that we are aware of the changes that are being generated around the construction and design of this type of shopping centers, we will be able to apply them and achieve a more satisfactory experience at a commercial level and meeting the tastes of visitors.

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