Check the Dress Code in Advance


If you have the opportunity to travel, i definitely want to enjoy afternoon tea there. If you are going to an authentic tea salon, it is a good idea to check the dress code on the website beforehand. One piece is the safest thing to wear. If you prepare a pretty dress, you can make it look elegant with matching shoes and bag, or make it look a little more casual. A moderately glossy one-piece dress can create a special feeling and is perfect for going to a real tea salon.

Next, let’s check out the recommended clothes for afternoon tea by season. For spring afternoon tea, we recommend a one-piece dress with a light color that gives you a sense of the season. A light beige dress that creates an elegant mood for a classy look. By adding white accessories, you can create a bright impression. Beige items give an elegant impression, so it is recommended for afternoon tea. Even if you don’t like skirts, you can create an elegant style that matches afternoon tea with pants made of thick material. It creates a relaxed atmosphere, so you can create a trendy look.

A salopette makes for a playful afternoon tea outfit. Choosing a thin shoulder strap is the key to a neat finish. Match the top with a floral blouse for a gorgeous impression. Brightly colored skirts have a sense of neatness, but at the same time, they also have a gorgeousness that enhances the mood of afternoon tea. Other items can be colorless for an elegant look. Add a scarf to your bag to add movement to your outfit for a mature look.

If you wear sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses or tops for summer afternoon tea, put a cardigan in your bag so that you can wear it in the lounge or salon. Even if you don’t put the sleeves through the cardigan, you can create an elegant atmosphere just by putting it on. Summer outfits tend to be casual by choosing loose silhouettes for the heat and breathable materials such as cotton and linen. For afternoon tea, a dress that makes it easy to create an elegant atmosphere will be useful.

If you want to look elegant even in a dress, choose a waist-shaped one. If the hem is decorated with ruffles, you can create a glamorous look that can be used for afternoon tea at the hotel. A flared skirt that gives you a modern look with a vintage feel like old clothes. The flared silhouette does not show your body line, so it covers your body shape and enhances your style.

The skirt is impressive, so keep the top simple. A small shoulder bag is paired with the classic skirt.we recommend that you wear fashionable clothes that reflect the season for autumn afternoon tea. For a smart casual pants outfit, match the center press pants with a bow-tie blouse for a neat and feminine look. If you wear a cardigan with a panel print that looks stylish, it will blend in with the atmosphere without being business-like.

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