When a person gets sick, faces a crisis or tries to regain control of his life, he and his loved ones have a great thirst for information. In addition to the care provider and written information, you can get information from those who have experienced the same. Those who have experienced the same can share their own experiences, their own survival story or their daily coping with challenges.

It is possible to deal with a person’s problems and life management difficulties on a case-by-case basis and without prejudice with experienced professionals. What is essential is the opportunity to be met as a person to a person, in such a way that one is heard and understood.

It is important to hear from someone who has experienced the same thing, what, for example, a diagnosis means in practice and how it affects everyday life. In addition, at the beginning of the challenges, it is easier when you can talk about your experiences.

In social and health care, experts with experience work alongside professionals in areas where work requires professional training. Experience experts have undergone experience specialist or peer support training. Experts with experience produce knowledge and understanding based on experience alongside expert knowledge and professional expertise. By existing, the experienced expert reminds you why and for whom the service exists.

An expert reflects on his story from different perspectives

the starting point for experience activities is always the experience operator’s own decision, voluntarism and interest, as well as need for experience activities. The tasks and the work input of the experience operator are influenced by one’s own interest, capabilities, skills, basic training and rehabilitation.

It is good for an experienced actor to be able to mirror his story through different perspectives. He must have sufficient distance to his own experience and the ability to tell it in an interesting way. One of the strengths of the experience activity is that he doesn’t get provoked or use the opportunity to relieve his own bad feeling. Those working in experience activities may have different experience paths. Experiences can be tough, which is why it is important that an experienced operator has sufficient support and a well-functioning network behind him.

The goal is that experience operator gets the support and coordination he needs in his task as a regional cooperation. Experienced people are helped to cope when they know their limits and know how to say no. The story of an expert has incredible power.