Work is calling again, but not a reason for gloom. At the end of the vacation, you may feel a little wistful, but returning to work should not cause anxiety. At best, returning to work brings a lot of joy to life. An occupational psychologist tells you how to make returning to work easy and fun. Returning to work is painful, and worry and restlessness take over the mind as the vacation draws to a close. Did i see that according to leading occupational health psychologist the whole concept of return-to-work stress is a myth.

For the majority of people, returning from vacation is not particularly stressful – often you return to a familiar place from vacation to do the same things as before the vacation. Many people actually find it positive that the routines are starting to roll again, emphasizes. If you’ve had a really good holiday, it’s only natural that there may be feelings of longing associated with its end. However, returning to work should not cause anxiety. When returning to work feels bad, there is probably something wrong at work. Then you can get away from disturbing things on vacation, but the same problems are waiting at the workplace again.

Starting is always difficult. Returning to work is a situation of change that takes time to get used to. If the thought of going to work causes you stress, you should still think about whether everything is okay. Do i like my job. When you come back from holidays, you often look at your everyday life with new eyes.

On vacation, working memory effectively resets, and acute work-related issues disappear from the mind. When the vacation is coming to an end, especially many people who do information work worry about whether they will remember when they return to work what they left off before going on vacation.

Returning from vacation can be made easier by storing important information in a safe place even before going on vacation. It’s worth writing down where you’re going and what you left unfinished. Stress goes away when, when you return to work, you can just take out your notes and continue where you left off.

Get down to challenging tasks right away

It is often said that you should start working gradually after the vacation. However, adults are nothing like first graders – a brisk start is better in many ways. In the workplace, haggling only creates more stress. The sooner you can start exciting work, the easier it will be to return, he emphasizes.

The most important thing is to stagger the vacations as much as possible so that there are not too many expectations loaded into one vacation. Three weeks is enough to break away from busy work, but even a few vacation days can be returned- the length of the vacation does not affect its refreshing effect much. It is more important to think about what you will do on vacation. If you can effectively get your thoughts off work, a long weekend can serve as a good break from time to time.