It is difficult to get a job in the fashion industry because there are more people who want to work in fashion than there are jobs. Therefore, the companies rarely need to post regular job advertisements, but most people get jobs through contacts. There is no concrete way to get a job in the fashion industry, but there are many different ways to enter the industry. One’s career may start at a clothing store as a salesperson, or you work extra hard at your internship in something fashion-related, or you have contacts who work in fashion.

Network and contacts

To get a job in general in all industries, contacts are always important. Someone always knows someone else. Especially in the fashion industry, networking is super important, you will almost always need someone else as a reference. A good way to create networks and contacts is through LinkedIn, whose purpose is to create job contacts. In many cases, it is almost a requirement to work for free for a period at internships or work placements. Although this is not optimal, it can help one’s career in the fashion industry.

You can also read tips if you want to work in the fashion industry.


At upper secondary level, you can attend the Design High School’s specializations Fashion Design or Textile Design. At university level, for example, there is Beckman’s bachelor’s program called Fashion. There are many courses in fashion, design and textiles.

Fashion and design

In order for fashion to develop and be created, you need to be knowledgeable and creative in design. But why then, how are the two connected? There is no fashion without design. The two are linked and it is necessary to be knowledgeable in design in order to be able to create fashion. But there are lots of different design jobs that don’t just concern fashion. Design has a number of interconnections with different subjects such as interior design, product design and architecture.

A black dress almost always works for finer events, given that the color black does not stand out too much – but at the same time black gives a stylish and conscious feeling. Avoid rummaging through your closet in search of an outfit and buy a stable option that can be worn several times.

Glitter and glamour have perhaps never been as trendy as they are now. Normally, sequin garments and glittering fabrics appear around Christmas, but this year you could already see shimmering garments in every other store in September. We think it’s wonderful!

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