Warm and Cute Model Outfits


Speaking of winter events, illuminations. When i go to an illumination spot, i often take pictures with the beautiful scenery in the background, so i want to think about coordinating so that it will remain in the photo. Especially when you go to see the illuminations on a date, you want to wear a cute outfit, but you also have to worry about how to protect yourself from the cold. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the recommended clothes for a date that can be photographed with illuminations and protect against the cold.

Every year at the end of the year, the illumination spot, which is crowded with couples and families, is also a standard winter date spot. It’s nice to take it easy and enjoy the beautiful illuminations, but if you have the chance, you’ll want to take a commemorative photo and post it on Instagram, or leave a wonderful photo as a memory of your date. At times like that, i’m curious about the clothes that look good in the picture. What kind of clothes will shine in the background of the illumination at night? Therefore, this time, we will introduce the points and recommended coordination for choosing clothes that look good in the illumination. Be sure to check it out so that you won’t be disappointed with the photos of your memories with him.

We recommend choosing bright colors such as white or light gray for your outerwear in order to look great in the illumination spot. When taking a photo in the dark with bright illumination in the background, wearing a dark outerwear will make your face look darker. Choose light colors such as white or light gray for outerwear. If you only have dark colored outerwear, wrap a light colored scroll around your neck to cover it up. Wearing a cute knit hat or beret is also effective.

The most important thing when choosing date clothes for outdoor illumination spots is cold protection. Check the expected temperature on the day of the date in advance, and go out with cold protection accordingly. Cold is an word for an outdoor date. His tension will drop. Also, since you will be walking around the grounds during the illumination date, it is important to choose shoes that won’t tire you out. If your feet hurt and your expression darkens, your date will be ruined.

After watching the illuminations, don’t forget to come up with ways to look cute even when you’re wearing outerwear when you move indoors. Even if you don’t take off your outerwear, it’s important to show off the color of the knit and accessories such as scarves and hats. We will introduce three points of clothing that will shine at illumination spots and specific examples of coordination. Choosing an outerwear is important when taking pictures with the illuminations in the background. It is recommended to choose outerwear in bright colors such as white or light gray so that your face does not appear dark.

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