What kind of things have i done today and what kind of things have i thought about. Right at the beginning, i’ll tell you that today I’ve been thinking about the contents of the cupboards at home and have done a little pruning. In the morning i sold a big bag of baby clothes that i won’t need for the baby. In addition, I’ve put a lot of stuff into circulation and thought about what kind of home decoration things should be done before the baby is born. The goal would be to paint the wall of one room and clear out the contents of the cupboards in the children’s rooms – a surprising amount of stuff can fit in the cupboards.

Went to the grocery store by car – the opportunity to go to the store by car rarely comes up, so getting there feels like a luxury. We move a lot on foot and on public transport, so shopping bags have to be carried sometimes in the pouring rain and sometimes in the scorching heat. Getting to a car-free place with a car is nice and out of the ordinary. I would love to own a car, but at the same time i think that i save a lot of money by using public transport. On the other hand, it also takes more time, and sometimes it takes an unreasonable amount of time to go to a public store.

Listened to stomach upsets – either the baby is pressing on the organs, the uterus is growing pains or the strain has been too great, you don’t know what it is, but today the stomach is upset in a disgusting way. Not like a contraction, but with a disgusting feeling. A strange feeling. However, i am not worried because there are no painful contractions and the baby is moving normally.

Dyed hair – at the beginning of June i put pink on my head, which was eaten by the sun very quickly. Since then, despite the maintenance, the pink did not stay on the head and the hair became significantly lighter. Now the head has a base of its own color and otherwise a full-length blonde! We’ll see how this lasts and how long i stay in this color.

Cooked for the whole family – something worth mentioning, because in our family the kitchen has been taken over by a man! But today i entered the kitchen after a long time and made chicken soup for the whole family. It tasted good, even though the chef was not the same.

About children’s behavior – analytically, i thought about children’s behavior and how a child’s behavior always has a reason. What is the reason and from what time, it is sometimes difficult for a parent to realize right away. Reflecting on a child’s behavior is very analytical and really deep, but sometimes it can just be hunger or fatigue behind it. Use of time – with the start of everyday life, time should start to be used more in a planned way, so that there is also time in everyday life for the child’s individual moment.