Shop Safely Online with a Credit Card


When you shop in online stores, it is important to be able to make safe purchases. With collector’s easy living credit card, you get benefits in the form of insurance that protects you for both small and large purchases.

There are many advantages to a credit card. It gives you the chance to cope with unplanned expenses, security in the form of insurance and the opportunity to take part in offers regardless of when they appear. It can be good to think that a credit card is a form of loan. The interest rate on a credit card is higher than for larger loans such as a mortgage or personal loan. A healthy approach is therefore to see a credit card as an opportunity to pare expenses or as a way to take advantage of benefits. With collector’s easy living credit card , you have up to 56 interest-free days. If you want to postpone all or part of the payment after this time period, you will pay interest on the part of the payment that you postpone.

When shopping online, there are several things you can do yourself to check that the website you are shopping from is safe. For example, the page should have terms and conditions and company information and the url should start with https and not just http. For secure purchases, you also always need to identify yourself, including by bank id, password and the three-digit code on the back of your card. Of course, you must also use passwords that are difficult to figure out and never give out personal information or your card details to unauthorized persons.

Protection for small and large purchases

By using easy living when you shop online, you get a range of benefits in the form of insurance. Delivery insurance compensates for damaged or missing goods during e-commerce within the eu, while all-risk insurance covers unforeseen damage to household appliances permanently placed in your home. In addition , you get a one-year extended warranty on new purchases of white goods and home electronics when you use collector’s credit card. If you are unlucky and cannot attend the concert or match you have booked, event insurance will provide you with compensation for cancellation. All insurances are without excess.

Smart before and during the trip

If you book your trip with easy living, both cancellation protection and supplementary travel insurance are included. The insurance also covers any damage that may occur in your home while you are away. Another advantage of using collector’s credit card before your trip is that you can take advantage of good offers even at the end of the month. If you take the card with you when you go away, you will also avoid currency surcharges when you pay with the card in shops or restaurants at your destination.

Keep an eye on the finances with our app

With collector bank’s smart app , you can keep track of everything related to your credit card. In the app, you can easily see your balance, pay invoices and get help from our digital assistant. You can also link an extra card to your easy living free of charge, which a relative can use. Keep in mind that it is you who first applied for the card who is responsible for all use and thus for the payment of the used credit.

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