It’s the end of the month, and the barely enough for a round with meat sauce. Does that sound familiar? Fortunately, there is advice to be had. One of the methods is to trash; that is, in short, that you pick up good food from the rubbish bins. See here how you can have a good rubbish experience.

Within the framework of the law

Contrary to what some may think, littering is not illegal. However, there are quite a few exceptions. It is illegal to enter locked areas. Destruction of containers, breaking of locks and inappropriate behavior are considered vandalism. Also pay attention to enclosures, as some supermarkets only allow littering in certain areas.

Gloves and hand sanitizer

Most of the time, trashing is not a bad experience. With that said, you might want to take your precautions before diving into the bins. As a general rule, always bring plenty of hand sanitizer and rubber gloves. Despite the fact that the food you find is probably edible, you may come across food items where the packaging is wrapped in other food items. In addition, it happens that there are gaps in otherwise edible goods.

Best before…

Many people often confuse best before with use by. If you have found a food item with the best before label, you can often easily eat it. The fact that the supermarkets throw these food products away is not necessarily because the products are too old, but simply because we have some fairly fixed rules for when a food product must be thrown away. However, if it says use by instead, you should be careful. At this mark, you should examine the food item thoroughly, or avoid it completely.

Time and place

As previously mentioned, it is not illegal to litter, yet the vast majority prefer to do it after dark. For example, look for the supermarkets that are not open 24 hours a day, as these regularly clean in and around their containers. To find the freshest food, it can be a good idea to be ready around the closing time of the supermarkets.

If you have access to a car, it is clearly recommended to drive a little out of the (big) city. There are fewer bids if you are in smaller urban areas. In this way, you usually avoid getting into a collision with other garbage collectors, and you secure the best containers. Hardcore scavengers like to go after several supermarkets in one evening. So you can advantageously plot out a number of supermarkets that you want to visit on the same trip.

Leave it nice and tidy

It seems somewhat banal, but you should still pay attention to cleaning up properly after yourself. Supermarkets have previously had to lock down their waste areas due to vandalism and vandalism. Think about your next junkyard so that it can continue to be a good experience for all parties.