Clinic management program and adapts to all types of clinics, including physiotherapy or kinesiology clinics and beauty centers.

Physiotherapy clinical management software adapts to the typical tasks and procedures in this type of center. Our online physiotherapy program is the most useful tool to process both the work with patients and the management and control of the clinic itself in each of its areas.

You will have a physiotherapy clinic management program at your disposal at all times with which you can work together with all the people who have access to your clinic’s data. In addition, all its tools are adapted to both kinesiology clinics and physiotherapy centers.

What is a physiotherapy software?

A physiotherapy software is a medical program specially developed for physiotherapy and kinesiology professionals.

Medical software usually has a generic structure, with tools that may be common to different types of clinics, but do not offer specific solutions for specialized clinics. We offer you software for physiotherapists , specially developed for medical centers focused on physiotherapy and kinesiology treatments.

The physiotherapy and kinesiology clinics that work have an online storage that can be accessed by all the professionals in the center, this means that several people can work at the same time from different devices and also have information in real time.

In addition to being able to check the online history of all patients, you will also be able to manage appointments, shared calendars, financial management, you will even be able to know your stock in real time. Our software for physical therapists is fully customizable. Each clinic has its own working method, that is the reason why the functions of our physiotherapy clinic management software can be customized.

Accessible from anywhere, our physiotherapy program is also adapted to this professional activity. Each health center needs to have personalized software, although there may be certain common functions such as medical history or shared agenda. The result is a physiotherapy and kinesiology clinic management software with all the functions you need, so you can give the best service to your patients.

There are many reasons to start working with software for physical therapists like. One of the main ones has to do with security, since the organic law on data protection, as well as several community directives, make it mandatory to work based on a series of standards that protect the privacy of patients.

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