Pay for the Trip with a Credit Card


If the trip can go as planned but you yourself or someone in your traveling party should become ill and have to cancel the trip, it is good to have booked with a credit card. In this way, you get another contracting party and can direct the same demands to both the creditor and the tour operator. In addition, many credit card companies usually offer some benefits and insurances during trips – such as cancellation protection and in currency surcharges. Again, it is important to be aware that cancellation protection only applies if you or someone in your travel party becomes ill and cannot travel. This does not apply if you want to cancel the trip due to concerns or travel interruptions.

Check the general complaints board’s public information

Most companies choose to follow the general complaints board ‘s decision. Last year, the board made some guiding decisions regarding when consumers should have the right to get their money back for canceled trips that were canceled with reference. Both when it comes to package tours and air travel. This public information is used to publish lists of companies that do not comply with the board’s decisions. Among other things, consumers newspaper publishes a black list which is based on data from the general complaints board. A service you must subscribe to in order to access the list. If you feel unsure about what applies to your trip, it may be an idea to start a subscription. Once you have received the information you need from the list, you can unsubscribe immediately.

Add re-bookable ticket

As mentioned above, cancellation protection only applies in the event of illness. If there is a travel stop or the like, the insurance does not apply. Therefore, it is good if you either add a so-called cancellation guarantee, which means that you can cancel whenever you want without reason, or a re-bookable flight ticket that gives you free re-booking within the same price level and travel route with the same airline. Read more about these add-ons from your tour operator.

What advantages does our easy-living credit card offer when you book a trip?

Due to the ongoing outbreak, we would like to inform you who have a credit card with us about the protection you have if you have booked a trip and paid with your card.

Together with, collector offers easy living a comprehensive insurance cover that applies when you buy or book trips. When you pay for your trip with our easy living credit card, travel insurance is included as a supplement to your home insurance. Should you become acutely ill or have an accident and therefore have to cancel your trip, cancellation protection is included. It covers cancellation due to illness, accident or death of the insured or a close relative. Other impediments to travel, such as a dissuasion from traveling to destinations affected, are not covered by the insurance. The insurance also covers compensation if you are delayed at your destination or if your luggage is delayed. In addition, the insurance replaces the deductible if something were to happen to your home or car while you are away. But there are also a number of other advantages to having a credit card like easy living on the trip. One of the advantages is that there is no currency exchange fee, which is otherwise common with card payments abroad.

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