Well-designed premises make the company’s operations more efficient and support well-being at work. It is important that the new premises meet the essential needs of your company. The company’s industry and operating processes always have a great influence on the requirements of the new office space. Regardless of the industry, you should pay particular attention to the following things when purchasing business premises.

Technical characteristics of the premises

Is arriving at the premises easy and working in them effortless, Do the features support your company’s daily operations. Take, for example, a production company when casting the floor of the premises, it must be taken into account that the floor supports the heavy production equipment installed in the premises. If, on the other hand, water is needed in production, the drainage of the water point must be in order. In addition, the production point may require, for example, power or a telecommunications connection. Such technical features of the space play a significant role in terms of the smoothness of the company’s daily business.

Electrical work and ventilation

How has the lighting of the premises been implemented and what kind of places and how many sockets are there, is the heating adjustable and is there enough ventilation. The premises electrical work, such as the number and locations of sockets, affects the flow of work and the placement of workstations. Good lighting, on the other hand, supports work and increases comfort in the workplace. That’s why it’s important that the lighting is correctly focused and that there is enough of it all year round. Properly sized ventilation and easily adjustable temperature guarantee a pleasant and efficient working space.

How do you move around in your company. How, for example, should the reception and meeting room be located so that the new facilities serve the company’s basic operations. How can teams be placed in work-spaces in such a way that the placement supports their work and the so-called unnecessary ramping can be avoided.

When the company’s basic logistics – who moves, where and how – has been taken into account in the space planning, daily work can be streamlined. This also ensures that all parties have easy access to facilities that are important to them. Functional logistics must be taken into account both inside the premises and in the yard area. In our blog, you will find expert articles related to offices, their construction and renting, as well as current news about us and our customers!