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Slot machines, roulette, blackjack and casino are becoming increasingly popular

Recently, the number of online casinos has increased drastically. Just a few years ago, you could count the number of online casinos on the fingers of one hand. But these days there are so many that it’s impossible to keep track of them. Not even we who deal with casinos on a daily basis are able to keep track of all players in the industry. For this reason, review sites and other casino guides have become more and more important for those who want to weed out the bad and find the good casinos online. But for the gambling companies, these are really good times. Many of them show record profits and have subsequently chosen to list themselves on the stock exchange. What has gone from being a marginal industry has now become a billion dollar industry.

Online casino has also become popular outside the internet. A lot because famous actors and tv profiles have featured in online casino ads. But even then the slot machines provided by online casinos are based on classic characters that have become popular again.

Now we have slot machines based on several tv series such as basic instinct , game of thrones , south park and films such as tomb raider , scarface , tarzan and dracula. The list goes on.

The time frame for casino online

As most people know, state-owned has a strong gambling monopoly. But it has recently loosened up. The eu has on many points criticized for being anti-competitive when it comes to casinos. Therefore, demands are now being made for to let more actors into the market. Whether this will further increase the popularity of online casinos and slots remains to be seen.

What we can say with certainty is that the gambling monopoly in its current form will not continue to exist. Most likely, it will be replaced with a kind of licensing system where those interested in running a casino can simply apply for a permit. This probably means that we will see more and more exciting casino services.

The framework for us as players

If the license system becomes a reality, we as players will probably be able to expect more and more serious companies to establish themselves, which definitely has both pros and cons. There are a lot of people who are critical of the unregulated casino gambling market right now, and if such a licensing system were to go through, it would be easy to keep track of the companies. It is a good time to be involved in the casino world right now.

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