Loving Parenting Is Exhausting

At the heart of the western ideal of positive parenting is showing positive emotions. A loving, caring parenting approach and patience are important. The ideal image is beautiful but demanding: parents from the western culture area were the most exhausted of the study. Parents who emphasize a sense of responsibility and family orientation were the least exhausted. The researchers considered whether a sense of responsibility in parenting could increase well-being if it involves, for example, setting limits. We know that safe parenting requires parental responsibility and boundaries in addition to love.

In addition to the country of residence, ideals were influenced by parents’ level of education and social class. In less educated parents emphasized the themes of family and housework. The more highly educated, on the other hand, emphasized money and finances. In other cultural areas, the difference was smaller, more highly educated parents considered caring, patience and availability important. The less educated emphasized the themes of love and honesty.

According to the researchers, these findings may reflect the differences that the relatively recent rise in education levels has brought to developing countries. In developed western countries, more time has passed since the level of education has increased, and the differences in educational attitudes have perhaps already had time to even out.

In the past, children who reported being bullied were mainly reprimanded for complaining at home. In the conditions of the new educational ideals, their stories were taken seriously, and the parents were not afraid to report the matter to the teacher. So loving and caring parents forced the school to care too.

The government’s initial plan does not bode well for children and families with children. The effects of many actions recorded in the government program on children and families can be very negative. We get to do a lot of influencing work so that the harmful effects remain as small as possible.

The discussion about values in our society also affects children quite a lot. If the social debate drifts on tracks where children’s rights are questioned or where every child is not valuable in their own right, we can only dream that the children – the adults of the future – will grow up and be well.

The social atmosphere can be seen and heard by the children as well. We adults must build a society where everyone is valuable in their own right. In such a society, everyone can grow to their full potential and the future looks bright.

Stable social conditions are needed for good, safe growth and development. From the point of view of children and families, this requires wise decisions and strong will. In addition to words, it must be reflected in actions.