There are many different professions within fashion. Everything from sewing and developing new garments to being an image consultant. But what kind of jobs are there and what do you get paid? How do you get into the fashion industry? Here we find out everything about Jobs in fashion.

What kind of jobs can you get in fashion?

There are many different professions in fashion. But it can be difficult to get a job in the fashion industry. If you work in fashion, you usually work in a fashion house or at a magazine or as a freelancer. Here are some roles you can work in fashion:

Image consultant or Stylist

An image consultant or a stylist is a person who helps people who want to develop or improve their appearance or style using the image consultant’s knowledge of the subject.


Modeling is one of the more difficult jobs to get in the fashion industry. As a model, you probably work for a modeling agency. The model agency helps you get various assignments for, among other things, fashion magazines, clothing stores or, if you’re lucky, big fashion houses.

Fashion editor

The editor is the one who is the boss of, for example, a magazine and gives information to photographers, make-up stylists and so on. They also work to keep track of trends, blogs and websites to see what is in.

Fashion designer

A fashion designer is one of the brains behind the entire design department. As a fashion designer, you draw and design the new collections. They don’t just draw on paper, but make various items of clothing by hand and test the prototypes on mannequins.

Pattern constructor

The profession may make it sound like you create patterns all day, but it is quite similar to the duties of a fashion designer. They work with other designers and buyers to develop new collections. Their task is to develop visions and then take it to the next step with fit, silhouettes and function.

Garment technical designer

A garment technical designer can have many roles in one, they are specialized in the technical areas. E.g. as fit within confection and production technology, pattern construction and grading, rational sewing, production planning and production technical leadership. From sketch to finished garment.

Because fashion is so broad, it is difficult to determine a salary range. It all depends on various factors such as role, position, experiences and geographical areas. If you work in Paris or Stockholm, the salary can also vary.

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