Important Health Management


During the changing seasons, it is difficult to manage your physical condition due to the difference in temperature depending on the day. It is important not to weaken the immune system, so it is difficult to get infected, so it is important to thoroughly manage your health in daily life and lead a regular life. Under the industrial safety and health act, workers who are not engaged in special work must undergo a general medical examination once a year. Do you remember the results of your health checkup? Let’s look at the changes in the numerical values ??of the inspection items over time. It is an opportunity to think about eating habits, exercise, sleep, etc., and to review your own lifestyle habits.

What kind of health check items are there?

Investigation of medical history and work history. We will check the person’s medical history and work history related to health.

Examination for subjective and objective symptoms. After listening to the person’s complaints about physical and mental disorders, the doctor will see, touch, and diagnose with a stethoscope.

Height, weight, waist circumference, vision and hearing tests. Chest x-ray examination /examination to check for lung and heart abnormalities. Blood pressure measurement measure your blood pressure to check the condition of your circulatory system.

Anemia test the presence or absence of anemia is checked by the number of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin.

Liver function test examine the presence or absence of liver function abnormalities with the values ??of ast, alt, and r-gtp.

Blood lipid test measures neutral fat, hdl cholesterol, and ldl cholesterol that cause arteriosclerosis.

Blood sugar test fasting blood sugar is measured to check for diabetes.

Urinalysis (examination of the presence of sugar and protein in the urine). Examine the condition of the kidneys, urinary tract, diabetes, etc.

Electrocardiogram check for heart-related diseases such as arrhythmia and angina pectoris.

Some items may be omitted at the discretion of the doctor. In addition, some business establishments add their own medical checkup items. When you receive your health checkup result notification, take a look at your results. If you are judged to be re- examination required, more detailed examination required or treatment required, we recommend that you see a medical institution as soon as possible to start treatment or undergo a detailed examination.

Also, you can get heatstroke while sleeping, so be sure to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

Nightcap instead of sleeping pills reduces deep sleep and causes insomnia when you wake up in the middle of the night. If you can’t fall asleep no matter what you do, it is safe to use sleeping pills according to your doctor’s instructions. If sleepiness during the day interferes with your work even after getting enough sleep, consult a specialist.

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