How to Save Money on Christmas

The time is approaching, the tight and inflation is high. You dream of giving some good christmas presents to your loved ones, but the wallet doesn’t look like much when you pour out the last coins? So fear not. We have some good advice for you if you want to save a little bit on christmas presents – without the gifts necessarily getting worse.

First of all, it can be a really good idea to save up – more than a month before december 24. In connection with your small christmas savings, you can put a budget over your christmas gifts to great advantage. Who and how many should get christmas presents? Should some be more expensive than others? You can write it down in your phone – that way you always have the overview with you. Along the way, you can write down what you bought and how much it was.

Save money online

If you already know that your loved ones want something specific, it may be a good idea to check the price. Here you can compare the prices from the different websites. Perhaps you discover that you can save several hundreds of kroner just on the one gift. You can also save some percentages if you use a discount code. You can find discount codes in several places – try searching on google or instagram, here you can often find different discount codes.

And of course you can save money by buying your christmas presents on black friday, which is held on the last friday in november. Every year there is a lot of money to be saved on black friday – some stores even have a black weekend or black week. And if you think it seems unmanageable to run around with half the population in the shops, many of the shops also have online sales – that way you can save both time and money.

Recycling is gold

You may also be lucky enough to find your gifts used. It has become more common to find recycled gifts – whether they are specific wishes such as a royal copenhagen coffee cup or just a nice vase. With recycled gifts, you can save both the climate and money, but you can also find completely unique and different gifts. You can buy recycling both online and in physical stores. You can read much more about this in our recycling guide.

Homemade christmas gifts still work

You might think that homemade christmas presents were something you produced in kindergarten – but homemade things are actually starting to have a renaissance. There are a lot of options for homemade christmas gifts – whatever you like the paintbrush, the hammer or the crochet hook the most. Yes, only the imagination sets limits to creativity. You can possibly look for inspiration on instagram, pinterest or google. And then you can investigate to great advantage whether there are creative workshops near you! Then you can take your friend under the arm and make christmas presents together.