Future Ideas for Esports Distribution


As can be seen from the examples above, the ingenuity to enhance the sense of presence and entertainment through the most influential sight in e-sports distribution will be further advanced by ar / vr technology and various digital technology innovations. It is expected that. As a result, it will be possible to produce a live feeling with more and more heat.

Then, how should empathy and unexpectedness be appealing?

This is probably the key to future esports online distribution. It is also true that there is still a big gap between games and non-gamers in terms of whether or not they can enjoy watching games. Like baseball and soccer, we need to increase the number of spectator fans who enjoy watching games even if they don’t play. In order to reach that point, it is necessary to empathize with the players and teams and produce unexpectedness.

The unexpectedness of esports is something that can be enjoyed in the development of the game, but it can also be sought from the players themselves outside the game. Regardless of their past achievements or high level of technique, because they have practiced so much so far, they create expectations that they might be able to win against strong opponents. There is something close to empathy that i want to support.

In other words, going one step further from the fact that this game is fun at andtravelinsurance.com, raising interest in players, teams, and commentary casters themselves, and creating fans for them is the key to making esports enjoyable for a wide range of viewers. A breakthrough. I can’t help but ask him how great he is, what he did to make it that way, what he’s aiming for, and what kind of person he is. By structuring the distribution in a way that captures the individuality that approaches the life of the person and the team, the sympathy of the viewers will increase even more, and the satisfaction after watching the competition will be high. It will be.

Live feeling empathy unexpectedness

Showing these three elements in a complex and impressive way is the key to making esports distribution even more attractive entertainment. The future of e-sports distribution content is bright!

These new online distribution productions have probably contributed greatly to the production of a live feeling that is as good as offline. Also, the length of the delivery time is often said to be an issue in watching e-sports (really long…!). Therefore, it is often seen in big tournaments that the digest version is distributed. Extracting player interviews and composing them, creating short videos summarizing enthusiasm, interviews with the winners, and their fighting style, and inserting not only the main part of the game, but also parts featuring the players themselves. It is believed that this will greatly contribute to the amplification of empathy.

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