This article is going to be about, the need for Councils to be digitally transformed and the way this can prove to be cost cutting as there are big challenges ahead for vital services. As Councils are Public Service providers it is important for them to have Digital friendly technology, for different portable Digital Devices, such as Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.

Digital Technology will soon be used for customer self-service.

It is very important that young people in particular, know how to drive the council forward and learn about different aspects of Digital Technology – without it, it could be very difficult indeed to find a career you want to fit into as most job vacancies are advertised online, as people who are able to apply online, are more digitally aware of what is out there. Digital Technology used at real money casino australia brings people together and allows, businesses and communities to flourish, plus it is helping organizations become more modern and have more efficient service and voice through a wide area. Digital Transformation will offer Innovation, Modern, and Accessible content. Need for Councils to stay in line with Digital Technology Out-of-date software needs to be constantly updated. There will be new IT equipment needed and software tools. This will be needed for over 2000 members of staff.

It is important that councils’ websites are optimized for different devices, plus it must be aimed at improving customer satisfaction. It is important that more people are able to use the digital service and it is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Digital technology can allow for an automated switchboard for telephone calls. Councils need to improve mobile working for employees working out in the community. There need to be modern, secure, flexible payment solutions for our customers.

Long Term visions

Working with partners, closely, with the climbing cost of the digital economy. As well as delivering cost-effective solutions which are personalized to the need of the customer?

Effective Digital Customer Service

Customers need to be able to access services through a website platform, which is well-designed and easy to use. There need to be digital payment options, plus there need to be online accounts that are easy to set up and secure, once in use. This will help with creating “a single point of access”. There needs to be mobile working for employees working out in the community. Plus using tablets to reduce paper notes saves time and is very cost-effective. Digital office solutions need to be developed to improve productivity, document management, and other forms of digital communications. Plus computer equipment software needs to keep up to date. Staff should have access to communication services such as instant messaging and Skype for business. There are many ways that staff can share documents easily by using shared drives such as Google Drive, which allow permission editing. This can be good for sharing meeting minutes and presentations.