Coordination Points for Afternoon Tea


When you go to afternoon tea, you want to pay attention to coordination. When going to afternoon tea at a hotel, basically you need to wear clothes that match the atmosphere of the hotel. If you go to a store that has a dress code, try to coordinate accordingly. If there is no dress code, you can freely choose clothes within the manners. For afternoon tea, it is important to wear smart casual clothes, avoiding overly revealing clothes or t-shirts and jeans. It is recommended to choose an atmosphere that is elegant but not too stiff.

Without further ado, i will introduce the recommended coordination for afternoon tea. Appropriate clothing varies depending on the location, so please choose the coordination that suits the scene. When having afternoon tea at a luxury hotel, it is wise to check the dress code on the homepage etc. In advance, but even if there is no dress code, at a luxury hotel like the imperial hotel, smart casual clothing is considered adult etiquette.

The best clothes for smart casual are elegant clothes that are not too rough or too casual. Items such as dresses, blouses and skirts are recommended. Be careful not to get too excited and wear a party dress instead. The bowtie dress has a soft atmosphere and an elegant impression. As for the length, we recommend the mid-calf length for an elegant impression. It is better to wear shoes and bags that are clean and have a high-quality feel.

For afternoon tea at a luxury hotel, it is customary to avoid wearing clothes that expose your skin. Especially in the lounges of historical hotels, if you wear sleeveless dresses or tops in the summer, wear a jacket or cardigan. For jackets, we recommend a feminine and elegant type like a collarless type rather than a type that is worn for business occasions. A jacket is useful even if you feel lonely with just one dress.

If you are going to have afternoon tea at a tea shop, it is best to wear clothes that match the classical and elegant atmosphere of the shop, although it is not as good as in a luxury hotel. A skirt with a retro-feeling floral pattern that blends in with the classic atmosphere is paired with a rose-colored knit that links cute sweets. For accessories, choose moderately gorgeous and elegant types such as pearls. Afternoon tea at the cafe can be coordinated with a slightly casual look. We recommend pairing a flared skirt that can be used everyday with a puff sleeve knit for a gorgeous finish. By incorporating color knit, you can complete a style that matches a bright and stylish cafe.

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