Many brokers have found a specialty area that they know better than their competitors. These brokers usually do a better job of selling. Therefore, you should invest energy in finding the right broker for your object. There is always a broker who has special knowledge about the type of object you want to sell. These are brokers who over the years have become experts and acquired a network in an area. By finding and hiring these brokers, the sale can both go more smoothly and bring greater profit.

Housing rights

Many estate agents have specialized in condominiums. Since condominiums are not legally considered real estate, there is a special set of regulations regarding the sale of apartments. Brokers who specialize in condominiums know what applies and have experience in the industry. They know price levels and trends and know which channels work best for marketing. Often they also have a customer network which makes it easier to find potential buyers.


A house sale is about much more than just the house. The area and the municipality are also involved in the sale. Therefore, it is important to know specific rules about e.g. building permit, electricity, water and sewerage and not least the land belonging to the house. For most areas, there are local brokers who are well aware of the rules that apply there. They can be of great help to avoid mistakes and to find the right buyer. Therefore, there is much to be gained by using a real estate agent who knows the area.


Farms are a separate category in the property industry. Here are often added rules about outbuildings, special assessment rules, forestry plans, land compensation, own wells and sewers and much else that does not apply in a normal house sale. Therefore, most agricultural properties are sold by special estate agents. They have specialist expertise in land and forestry and the extensive legal and tax issues relating to farms. They also know best what marketing is effective and may already be in contact with buyers.

Unique objects

Some properties are unique, buildings that do not belong to the usual types of housing. It can be, for example, mansions, k-marked houses or architect-designed villas with a sea view. Some brokers have specialized in these types of buildings. They are often based in the big cities but have the whole country as their field of work. These brokers build up an active network of well-off clients who are looking for their dream home. Therefore, it can be absolutely crucial to find the right broker when such an object is to be sold. Many times these properties are not even advertised, but are only marketed through targeted marketing to specialist brokers’ customer networks.

Find the right broker

To find the right broker for your sale, you should discuss, ask and compare several brokers. An easy way to do this is to use our form. Then up to four brokers who are interested in your particular object will contact you.