Avoid Unnecessary Fees – Declare on Time


Don’t forget to submit your return on time at the latest to avoid unnecessary late fees. Before you submit the return, it may be good to check if there are any deductions you can make – we advise on some of them. Your income declaration for the year must therefore be with the tax agency no later than time. Should you for some reason not make it, there is actually an opportunity to ask for extra time. In that case, it is important to notify the tax agency. The easiest way to do this is to apply for a deferment under my pages on the tax agency’s website. In these cases, you can usually get two more weeks.

Interest deduction for those who have loans

The interest deduction applies to you who have a capital deficit – i.e. That the interest costs of your loans are higher than the income from capital, such as savings interest or stock dividends. Read more about how interest deduction works here.

Travel deduction when you go to and from work

Do you travel to and from the workplace for an amount that exceeds? You are then entitled to a travel deduction. If you use public transport, you add up the tickets for the previous year and if you drive, there is a tool on the tax agency’s website that indicates compensation per mile.

Deduction of renovation expenses

When you sell a home and want to calculate whether the sale of your home should be declared as profit or loss, you may deduct certain expenses that you had. For example, it could be renovations and improvements to the home. You can find which deductions you can make and how to report them correctly here.

Deduction for interest difference compensation paid

You who have chosen to move a fixed loan from one bank to another may have had to pay interest compensation to the bank. In that case, you are entitled to make a deduction for this as for a normal interest expense. On the tax agency’s website, you will find a deduction dictionary with a summary of common deductions.

If you have registered a bank account with the tax agency and declared via their app, e-service, sms or phone no later than, the money will be sent out in mid-June. A tax refund is also a perfect starting point for that savings you’ve been meaning to start for so long. Check out our savings accounts, which both give you a favorable interest rate and a secure deposit guarantee.